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    Unanswered: SQL Security guidelines? (i.e. authentication, accounts)

    We are about to change the sa password, currently all packages and jobs rely on this account. I imagine there is probably a better architecture that we could employ to ease this process. Any suggestions recommendations?

    Also any caveats I should be aware of regarding places to look that might currently rely on the sa account so that we do not need to worry about existing processes from breaking?

    I think we are going to create an NT account for DTS Packages and possibly use the same account for any DTSRun jobs, does this make sense? Or is there anything to gain by having these as separate accounts? Also should this be the same account used to run the MSSQLServer process?

    I tried doing a search for this information here, thinking it was already covered, but could not find anything that informative, any resources that you could point me to would be appreciated, I will look on BOL as well as MSFT to see what I can dig up.

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    Try working with Windows Authentication and trusted connection's. Makes life a lot easier.


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