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    Unanswered: shift /split or rename tables ?

    We have a set of INODB tables (auto-increment-columns) that grow at rapid rates. The tables are filled by a java aplication that does massive inserts. After a certain amount of time these tables contain 4 million rows and are 1 GIG big. I conducted substantial testing and noticed that things started to slow down after these 4 million rows had built up.

    What I would like to do, is to shift /split or rename these tables and create new empty tables, so that the java aplication can continue to insert with as little as possible delay.

    Does anyone knows a way of doing this?



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    Create and Rename will do it.

    First create a new table. Check that everything is fine.

    Then (when there are no users) do a rename:

    RENAME TABLE old_table TO history_table, new_table TO old_table;

    As this operation is atomic, this operation will be a success, or it'll leave everything as it was before.

    Cheers, Bill

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