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    Unanswered: Cross-Tab Totals

    If I have a cross tab query with Dates as the row heading, and Shifts as the column heading, and average Case_Production as the value, can I total in both directions? That is, I know I can have another row heading (add a column) that averages the shifts for that day, but can I get an average of each shift across all the days? I really want to get the shift average of all the days selected by the user.

    To get around this, I turned the cross-tab, so my dates were the column headings, and the shifts were the row headings, but I quickly hit the limit on number of columns.

    Does anyone have a suggestion. I'm trying to output this data to a form for the user to see.


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    If you're using shifts for column headings to output to a form, add text boxes to the form footer to total the columns(shifts).

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