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    Question Unanswered: Progress 91D - ODBC - Error LOCK TABLE IS FULL

    (PROGRESS 91D) I've done an application in VB and connected to progress by ADO (and ODBC) Some times when i try to execute a delete or update sql sentence, the error LOCK TALBE IS FULL (7870) appers.
    It doesn't happend just when it's a large amount of records to update/delete, it also happend whit one record. But the problem is that it doesn't happend always; some times i try the sentence with one condition, it fails, and changing it, it doesn't work.
    (for example:
    delete from pub.TABLE where FIELD=1 ---> OK
    delete from pub.TABLE where FIELD=2 ---> ERROR )
    I don't have experience with progress with odbc and i don't speak english realy (spanish speaker)
    Thanks, Omar

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    Try to increase -L parameter in your parameter file for starting Progress database server. This file ( for example) is invoked by the command:

    proserve -pf

    where contains:

    -db your-db-file
    -S tcp-port-name
    -H host-machine-name
    -L 20 000 <- default value is 8192

    However error raised by Progress server tells you, that you are updating/deleting/inserting more that 8192 records during single transaction. It's better to avoid too large transactions.

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