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    Unanswered: recovering database plz help

    My server crashed i had full back up my .BAK file for every database and i reinstalled a fresh verion of sql server 2000 enterprise and when i comme in enterprise manger to restor the master its telling me i need to be in single user mode what do i do.

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    Change it to single user mode. use sp_dboption.

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    sp_dboption pertains to user databases, not to MASTER.

    BOL for SQLSERVR command line:


    Indicates to start an instance of SQL Server in single-user mode. Only a single user can connect when SQL Server is started in single-user mode. The CHECKPOINT mechanism, which guarantees that completed transactions are regularly written from the disk cache to the database device, is not started. (Typically, this option is used if you experience problems with system databases that require repair.)
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