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    Unanswered: "Inserting" copied data from Word to Access?

    I have a Word document which is opened from Access and the Access code inserts some writing from an Access Memo field to a bookmark in Word.

    The writing inserted in the Word doc by Access is then edited and I want that edited writing to be inserted back in the Access Memo field.

    I have made a macro on Word as follows

    Sub MAIN

    EditGoTo "RSA" (that is the bookmark name)
    End Sub

    That copies the writing from the bookmark to the end of the document and close the document without saving.

    Is there anything I can do that will automatically paste/insert? the copied writing into the Access memo field.

    At the moment I just have a macro on the Access form that is GoToControl and then Paste which works fine for me but if possible I would like it to be done automatically as the Word doc is closed to cater for a couple of people.

    Thanks for any help.


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    If you use a MS Word OLE field in your access form, double clicking it activates Word to edit the contents, and closing the document automatically returns the data to the field.

    You can programatically control Word using the Object model - this allows you to do everything Word is capable of through code. Likewise, you can control Access using the Object model from inside Word.

    Finally, if you use an OLEbound field, one of the actions is Paste - check the object browser and help files for details (this only works for text it will not paste images).

    Have fun

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