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    Unanswered: SQL / PL/SQL / DB Book

    I've just bought an excellent book called "PHP and MySQL Web Development" and its great to learn and improve skills in that area. What I'm looking for now is a book that will tteach me database development. There are several choices and I can't decide what to pick to learn. Obviously i'm learning MySQL with the book I just bought and I know Access really well but the biggger guys like Oracle I don't know much about. I'm a small busainess owner who offers web and DB development to small to mid sized companies. So keeping that in mind could anyone recommend a good database development book?
    THanks for your opinions / suggestions.

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    If you deal with small companies than stay with sqlserver or something like that. Oracle and Oracle DBA's are kind of expensive (Although Oracle 10G has a version for small businesses competitively priced with sqlserver but there's still the DBA factor).

    Go to bn and buy a most colorful sqlserver book.
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