I need to apply the Forms/Reports ptachset-3 (Patch No: 3129219) on Oracle9i Application Server R-2 on Windows-2000. This is the Base Release.
I checked the README file before applying the patch. It says "Please ensure that Oracle9iAS Bundled PtachSet for Windows has already been installed". And it is must to do it. It also says that refer Metalink No. 3038037 ARU No. 4715336 for more details.

I checked the Metalink for these documents and not able to locate where those documents are.?? I want to know what these document refer....& what precaution i need to take. Can anyone help & also suggest how can i find those note no. and study myslef before applying the patch.

Please suggest. Looking for ur response at the earlies pls.

Thanks & Regards,
Kamesh Rastogi