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    Unanswered: how to load memo field in mysql

    Hi,i'm late a beginner in web development, currently i am working on converting our data(.dbf) into mysql formatted tables. Everything works fine, until i came accross with memo field. I try to convert the .dbf into access format so i could see if there is something missing, i even try to create a report just to check if all data has been imported. I try to export all the table into text file for me to migrate my memo field into mysql. But when I used "LOAD DATA LOCAL" not all data has been loaded into mysql table especially the memo field. It appears that it has 1261187 warnings. All of my memo fields includes all the reports of each personnel from each department. PLS HELP ME. I need to solve this problem immediately. thanks...................


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    Two things you can post that will help us help you:

    a) show the table structure

    b) show the actual command you typed in to import the file

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