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    Best Database for this software

    Hello Everyone..

    I am currently building an application which updates a database at the rate of 1000 rows per second.. I am finding that unless I use bulk insert with SQL Server I cannot insert the data as single rows (CPU Flies off the handle on the server)...

    The only problem with this is that I need to rationalise the data without hammering the server (I have yet to find a method using SQL Server which doesn't mash up the server)..

    Also because this software needs to be distributable I was thinking SQL Server is not the best way to go..

    Does anyone have any experience with Flat file databases ?? Which one would be the best ?? for this kind of mass record environment ?

    Remember its got to be a distributable database.


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    MSDE is the "workstation" version of SQL Server. It can be distributed as part of any Visual Studio application. It can easily process 1000 rows/sec on most hardware using either BCP or BULK INSERT.

    I'm not clear what you mean by "rationalization" of your data.


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    No good

    When I say rationalise the data I mean make it so its usable/relational (At the moment if I use bulk insert I can only insert into one table)...

    It would be ok if Sql Server was fast enough at text comparison but no matter what indexes I place on the tables I am unable to get the data out fast enough.

    Also on your MSDE comment, MSDE is restricted as to the amount of data/connections you can have at one time.
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