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    Question Unanswered: pros and cons of linked tables

    I currently have a front-end db and a back-end db and have linked several tables between them. Sometimes the network seems slow and even goes down from time to time - even if only for seconds. If one of the users has a form open when this happens the link is sometimes severed and then the db has to be restarted. I have considered using a different method but am unsure of the consequences. So I present 2 scenarios:

    1) A form uses a linked table as its recordSource. The various controls on the form are linked to the corresponding fields of the underlying table. All updates/edits, etc. are done automatically by Access. This is how I am currently set up.

    2) A form with no recordSource (and therefore none of the controls have underlying fields). When the form opens, a snippet of VBA runs which connects (using ODBC) to the back-end db, gets the record I want, then closes the connection. The retrieved record would be used to "populate" the various controls with the appropriate field values.

    I am wondering what the pros and cons are for each scenario. In scenario 1, is the connection "persistent" - meaning that it remains open as long as the form is open? If so wouldn't scenario 2 be more efficient because it only keeps the connection open long enough to perform the given task?

    Any insights into this would be greatly appreciated.


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    all pros with linking table

    1 there is no limit to the size of the datbase (hard disk)
    2 less network traffic
    3 less crashers
    4 ...
    hope this help

    See clear as mud

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