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    Unanswered: rename spool file

    Hi there,

    Ora8i, WinNT.

    I have a process that I run once a month. A query run on 9 instances. I run the query through SQL*PLus, as I have a script that lets me connect to the different instances by selecting a number from a menu (lazy, I know). I need to spool the results to a flat file (.txt) - that is not a problem. When I move on to the next instance, i need to spool the results, and rename the spool file appended with the name of the instance that i get by using, thereby knowing which instance has been queried, and not overwriting the spool file from the previous query:

    i get the name of the instance by:

    select substr(name,1,15)||'_' v_db_name from v$database;

    Any advice?


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    spool tmp7_spool.sql
    select 'spool '||name||'_'||to_char(sysdate,'yymondd')||'.dat'
    from sys.v_$database;
    spool off
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    Thumbs up thanks

    Thanks for the advice/reply...

    i ended up doing this...

    SELECT SUBSTR(name,1,15) v_db_name FROM v$database;
    COLUMN v_db_name FORMAT A15 new_value v_name FORMAT A15 NOPRINT
    SPOOL C:\&& v_name..txt


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