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    Unanswered: Duplicate shortcut action in Access


    I'm trying to replicate the action of a desktop shortcut to a third party application but am having a bit of trouble. I have used the shell function and can enter the target, however I don't know how to pass the "Start in:" parameter, or whether I need a different function entirely.

    The desktop shortcut entry is:
    Target: \\server1\folder1\program.exe /ini=folder2\iniName.ini

    Start in: \\server1\folder1

    My code so far is:
    strAppName = """\\server1\folder1\program.exe""" & " /ini=folder2\iniName.ini"

    Call Shell(strAppName, 1)

    If I run the above I get a "LICENSE ERROR: Failed to set the license file parameters" message box. If I delete the "Start in:" entry on the desktop shortcut I get the same error. I'd be grateful if anyone had any thoughts.

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