I want to see the YTD sales regardless of what time period I have selected in my Time Dimension.

For example if the to-date total Sales are $1000, then even if I have selected March-2004 in my Time Dimension, I still want to see $1000 as YTD.

Using the built-in "Business Center" functionality of MSDA (Microsoft Data Analyzer), there is something labelled as "Year To Date-BC-(e)" and this gives me the desired results. BUT I do not like the label and want to change it... HOwever I can not get the MDX which this built-in uses... I tried the following but this does not give me the YTD sales and instead gives me the YTD sales at/till the selected time period:

iif(Current dimension.name=Open Time dimension.name,null,(Length measure,Open Time dimension.currentmember))

I'll appreciate your urgent reply.