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    Question Unanswered: Oracle Installation on solaris9

    Hi All,

    Please I need help to install Oracle9i on Soalris9.

    The server is a Sun Fire V240, 2x1GHz UltraSPARC IIIi.

    Coud I have please an istallation guide, step by step?

    Thans in advance!

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    Cool Installation on Solaris 9

    1. edit the /etc/system - set the correct values for the shminfo_shmmax, shminfo_shmmin, shminfo_shmmni, shminfo_shmseg, seminfo_semmni, seminfo_semmns, seminfo_semmsl parameter
    2. reboot the system
    3. create group dba
    4. create user oracle group dba
    5. create the directories in which you want to place the software installation ($ORACLE_BASE and $ORACLE_HOME)
    6. grant ownership and permission to oracle:dba
    7. start the Oracle Installer
    8. Sit back and enjoy life


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    follow the steps and you are golden.
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