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    Unanswered: Importing but ignore errors

    Hello. I have 2 very similar issues

    I need to append/import a xls into a pre defined table but I need it to ignore columns whose column names do not have a matching Field name in the target table

    Similarly I need to import/append a access table to the same predefined table. I want the fileds with matching names to update but any extra source fields to be ignored.

    Any Ideas ??


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    You'll have to program that function - either in Access or in Excel (the code would be essentially the same in either case).

    Copy/Paste from Excel to Acces does not verify field name - it only verifies data type (and it only does that to the extent that it errors if it can't determine the "closest match" such as when it can't get a valid date to place in a date field).


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