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    Unanswered: Please some guidance

    Hi there...

    I'm a newbie in java and JDBC. As part of a customer project my computer is going to have to act as a jdbc client, so I had to install an Informix driver.
    According to the installation manual, I had to retrieve an install a J2EE SDK 1.4 from During installation of J2EE SDK 1.4 didn't asked me any license or key numbers. So it went just fine. Next I try to perform the "Java setup" command in order to install the jdbc driver but "java setup" asks me for a License number an a Key code. And I'll love to know whom should/would/must provide that License and Key code? Is it Sun Microsystems? or... Is it IBM-Informix?

    Thanks in advance!

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    It is from IBM-Informix you may ask question.

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    I suspect this is the very latest version of the driver then. If you can find a version pre-2.21JCx I don't think you will be asked for a key. Or use the key that was used to install the Informix server you wish to use it against.
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