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    Red face Unanswered: Ended up with a paradox database...

    One of our suppliers created an ordering system on CD that uses a paradox database. I'm not at all familiar with this... which is my first problem.

    What I have is a series of .db files, each appearing to be a table... that seems to be normalized. I don't know, however, how these tables got linked and yet are still separate files with no main program.

    I tried to open them in Access, and it errored me out because the tables are linked. If I can't see the link, how can I edit the table?

    I'm really just trying to change *one* field of *one* table to redirect where the orders are sent. I have more to do with it, but the whole thing's in German, which gives me oodles more fun for the future.

    Please help!

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    They are probably linked as lookups. There will be some support files with the same name as the table but with different extensions. The best solution is to use Paradox. If that is not an option, try this as a work around. Copy the table you want to work with to another folder without its support files. That should kill the links and you should be able to open it.

    However, this may cause an index-out-of-date error or other problems when you run the program after modifying the table. As I said, the best solution is to use Paradox. You should be able to pick up an old copy on the net fairly cheap, but make sure it is at least version 7.

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    I think I found something for you.

    I stumbled across this across a viewer that might help. ODBCView 3.1.0 at Hopefully it will be able to export the info for you.

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    Well, looks like the best option is to get Paradox.... seems like the easiest method. I can't change the files without wrecking the links, and I tried making them readable, but they changed back promptly after. I tried a table viewer like the one suggested, but it still will not allow me to update.

    Is there a suggested version of Paradox I could use? Also, any suggestions of where to go for documentation? Thanks so much!

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    If the app you're speaking of has already been installed on the PC, you'll just need this little program i attach here to view and change the data in the files.

    The only difficulty i see here, is that if the files are only on the CD, you cannot change them... they're read only!

    Try this tool!
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