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    Unanswered: button referencing (Help quick!)

    I have an exit button on my main form. If the user doesn't fill in all of the fields on the main form and then hits exit it will ask the user if they want to cancel the changes (otherwise it will save what they put in). In the main form I also have a subform. If the user doesn't fill in all of the fields in the subform and hits exit, it actually will exit. I need it to do the same thing it does for the main form on the subform, all by hitting the single exit button. I tried copying the code straight over to the subform but it doesn't work. Do you need to reference the button over to the subform? Is it possible to use a single button on both the main and sub-form? I hope so. Thanks a lot for the help!

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    CausesValidation property

    You did not mention the language you are writing in. If that is VB then have a look at CausesValidation property of the command button

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