Hiya. I've recently been set the following questions as part of some set exercises. Am in need of a little help overall with it though.
We are set the work to add the buttons in MS fp and the add in the scripts within the html. Questions are as follows -


1) Produce a web page that allows users to check their credit limit. The solution should use a single if, elseif, else construct.
- Users are required to enter their gross salary into a text box
- Users are required to select their age band from a drop-down menu. Options are
o Band A (0-18)
o Band B (19-25)
o Band C (26-64)
o Band D (65+)
- Users click a Estimate Credit Button (cmdEstimateCredit) that will calculate and display the credit limit of the applicant in a label control, lblCreditLimit
- Credit Limit is calculated as follows
o Band A (0-18)
No Credit Available
o Band B (19-25)
3 x Salary
o Band C (26-64)
4x Salary
o Band D (65+) and Salary >= 10K
1x Salary
o Band D (65+) and Salary < 10K
No Credit Available

2) Produce suitable VBScript code for the command button cmdFindMinimum to implement the following pseudo-code:

initialize a minimum value to be 11
repeat a loop 25 times
An Input Box asks the user to input a measurement between 1 and 10
if the minimum value is greater than the input measurement then
the minimum value becomes the input measurement
end if
end loop
Output the minimum measurement with a suitable message

3) Produce a web page that implements a Do . Loop Until construct which allows a user to input (through an InputBox) up to four order quantities. The data input will end either when four values are input or the value 99 is input to indicate the user has no more quantities to input . After the data is input the program will show, through a MsgBox, the total of the order quantities input by the user.

4) Design a currency converter web page that will allow users to convert s into a selection of 10 foreign currencies. The web page should consist of a text box to allow the entry of an amount in Sterling, a drop down menu for the selection of the target currency and a button (cmdConvert) to submit this. The conversion rates MUST be held in an array.

The page should also include a label controls that displays the calculated conversion amount and appropriate currency symbol


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks guys.