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    Unhappy Unanswered: how to

    i have problem now with my calculation..i have 4 textfield what i want is to add first,second and third textfield and total of this 3 appear in textfield number 4


    textfield 1 + textfield 2 + textfield 3 = textfield 4

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzz i'm new in asp

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    Sounds like you want JavaScript instead of ASP. Do you want textfield1, textfield2, and textfield3 to sum and update textfield4 dynamically, or do you expect this to sum on the refresh of the page?

    In JS it'd be:
    <script language="javascript">
    function updateTextField(){
      if(!isNaN(document.myform.textfield1.value) && !isNaN(document.myform.textfield2.value) && !isNaN(document.myform.textfield3.value)){
        document.myform.textfield4.value = Number(document.myform.textfield1.value) + Number(document.myform.textfield2.value) + Number(document.myform.textfield3.value);
    <form name="myform">
      <input name="textfield1" type="text" onChange="updateTextField();"><BR>
      <input name="textfield2" type="text" onChange="updateTextField();"><BR>
      <input name="textfield3" type="text" onChange="updateTextField();"><BR>
      <input name="textfield4" type="text" READONLY><BR>
    In ASP (test.asp) it'd be:
    <form action="test.asp?Update=1" method="post">
      <input name="textfield1" type="text"><BR>
      <input name="textfield2" type="text"><BR>
      <input name="textfield3" type="text"><BR>
    If CInt(Trim(Request.QueryString("Update"))) = 1 Then
      Dim iSumFields
      iSumFields = CInt(Trim(Request.Form("textfield1")))
      iSumFields = iSumFields + CInt(Trim(Request.Form("textfield2")))
      iSumFields = iSumFields + CInt(Trim(Request.Form("textfield3")))
      Response.Write "Value: " & iSumFields & "<BR>"
    End If
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    thnak you

    thank problem is already solve .... i use the java script....because when i use asp have a problem....thank u very much

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