I've just started programming in MS Acces and now I want to store some data fields into een internal temporary tabel. The form name is Dwcoupon and the tabel name is FMRgfm7wcpn. The fields I've to store are all(3) textfields. On the form people can declare some services with their price. Then in one of the mentioned fields I count up al the prices(total excl. tax). Next the user can put in a taxpercentage and the form automatically counts the tax rate and the total incl. tax.

The fields that have to be stored are:
- total excl tax (tekst70)
- tax (Tekst71)
- total incl tax (Tekst72)

Can this be done by init. a property of the textfields or do I have to make a separate query that I have to list in a macro that is executed when the user submits the form? Tnx.