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    Question Unanswered: Disable macro with shift-key not work!!!

    Hi to all...
    I'm using access xp, and i need to modify a program in access..
    I have already modified this program, but now it not allow me to start without the macro (leaving pressed the shift key while opening the mdb file)
    How i can launch the mdb without the macro, allowing me to modify some thing??

    Thanks to all... and sorry for the bad english...

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    Shift key bypass


    I'm not sure what you mean but i guess your saying that the shift key is dissabled. so when you hold shift down on start up the application still runs autoexec macro and goes through access startup settings?

    if so then someone has set the AllowBypassKey property

    there are a few ways around this.

    1 - create a new autoexec macro in a new data base. set the macro to show tool bar menus and database window. Export autoexec macro to your database.

    2 - create autoexec as above and in the first line of the macro put



    should reset the shift key bypass and let you back in.

    if it doesn't then the changeproperty or allowbypasskey have been set up with different names.

    hope this helps.

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