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    Unanswered: Replication inactive registrations

    I am using DB2 v8.1 on AIX

    I am replicating tables and they are in an inactive state. How do I or how does db2 activate them?

    The replication appears to stopped when the logs in the apply server filled up. I have backed up and pruned the apply server db.

    I started the apply server and the capture server.

    Both are running, yet the tables are inactive...

    The DB2 help indicates that the CAPSTART signal is sent from the apply server to the capture server. The state of the tables in IBMSNAP_REGISTER is "I", not "S".


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    If the Apply program is not reactivating the registrations, you can manually send the CAPSTART signal. It is described on page 219 in the V8 Replication Guide.



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