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    Unanswered: Copying an ntext cell from one cell into another (destination row already exists)


    What I'd like to do is:

    UPDATE table1
    A_TEXT_COLUMN = (SELECT another_text_column
    FROM table2
    WHERE table2_id = @precomputed_id_1)
    WHERE table1_ID = @precomputed_id_2

    Since the cells are text, this does not work. Since the cell to be updated is in an already exitant row, it's not possible to simply use insert.

    I'd like to do something like (PSEUDOcode):

    WRITETEXT(table1.A_TEXT_COLUMN, READTEXT(@textptr_initialised_to_point_at_target_c ell))

    But the *actual* synatx of WRITETEXT and READTEXT seem totally inappropriate for any such trick...

    Any hints or pointers HUGELY appreciated... THANX

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    Is this a standard *problem*? Or an unsolved one (just an sqlserver limitation that must be dealt with in a totally different way??)

    I saw 10 people read the thread but nobody answered, maybe the problem is a generally troublesome one with no good solutions...

    Any ideas at all?



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