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    Unanswered: Any Ideas on how to convert ddf in version 8 to version 6.15

    I have created ddfs using version 8, but the data files
    that were given to me were generated using 6.15, there is a discrepency between the 2 files for the (longvarchar field)
    The longvarchar field, for eg in the data files is a note fileld has a length of 0, where as in the version 8 ddf files the note(now longvarchar) field has a size of 8 bytes, how can I convert my longvarchar filed back to a note field to matching with version 6.15,or convert the ddfs back to a 6.15 forrmat. I have to create the ddfs using using an sql script, not using the table wizard since there are about 40 tables and 30 fields in each table and this will take for ever. The script creates over 40 tables with relevant field and index structure

    for example my script to create a contact table and update the ddfs is

    create table contact(
    firstname char(20),
    surname char(20),
    address char(60),
    summary longvarchar);

    when I run this script and look at the table properties
    the record has a size 108 and the variable records set to true
    Adding up the length of fields
    firstname,surname,address and summary gives 108,
    20 20 60 8

    However the data file my colleage gives me has a length of 100some how it doesn't add 8 bytes for the summary field . Is there a way of making the data and ddf files compatible
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