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    Unanswered: Oracle access issues from CR10

    First error is:

    Query Engine Error 'ORA-00942 : Table or view does not exist'

    second error appears as:

    Query Engine Error : 'Fail to Execute SQL Statement. OCI Call: OCIStmtExecute'

    Tables are definately there, privileges are OK.
    the driver is the standard crdb_oracle.dll one which
    comes with the V10 developers version.
    The Oracle is version
    On Oracle 8 & 9 it seems to recognise and select the tables.
    In this instance when you come to the Data box to choose the
    data source the tables and views are indeed shown, the views
    are selectable, but with the tables then the above mentioned
    errors comes up. Something to do with Oracle 7?

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    crystal reports 10 and oracle 7

    Was a solution to this ever discovered? I'm having the same problem.

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