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    Unanswered: Store procs and backup question

    Hi, Is there a way that I can take a look at all of the stored procedures and trigers in the database

    select data from sysprocbody, does not do it, I'm getting a bunch of unreadable characters.

    I can not run dbschema -d database name, tables are constantly locked


    Does Informix on NT have the same 2GB limit on backup to disk like it does on unix boxes, if yes, has anybody come up with the way to work around it?

    running Informix 7.31TC5 on Win NT box

    Appreciate the help

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    What the proc's : Have you tried dbschema -d <db> -p all

    I believe it is all, it could be that is must be between quotes.

    What about back-up file size.

    Today I worked on an older system (NT 4 / IDS 7.30) that creates backups of 20 GB. Redaing it back, without problems.

    Hope this helps,

    Rob Prop

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    Appreciate the help, will deffinately try the backup

    procs is the abreviation for the stored procedure ))

    i saw the dbaschema thanks, what i wanted to ask is how to get the triggers.

    Tables are always locked and dbschema exits as soon as it finds a locked table

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    trigger iformation is stored in the catalog tables systriggers and systrigbody

    The actual triggerbody is stored in the records where the datakey is 'D' (trigger heading or 'A' = trigger body. I tried something like this and it began to look good. You might have to change the query some more.

    select ||
    from systrigbody a, systrigbody b
    where a.datakey = 'D'
    and b. datakey = 'A'
    and a.trigid = b.trigid

    systriggers stores the tabid -> unique table id in systables.
    This way you can build a qry that represents all te triggers of one table.

    What is your problem with locks? dbschema locks the database exclusively while unloading the schema. This is neccessary to be sure to unload the entire DDL in a correct manner.

    If you want to unload the procedures, select from sysprocbody only those records where the datakey = 'T' and add the seqnumbers.

    In regards of you backup problem. IBM advises to upgrade to IDS 9.40. This version does not have those limits anymore. Another thing you can try is using onbar instead of ontape. only ontape has the limits.

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