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    Unanswered: Many to Many Relationship and adding records to junction table

    Hi All

    I have not used Access for a while now and am a little rusty so could use some advice here.

    I am creating a music database for my own personal use to holds details of Artists and song titles. I was thinking this would be a Many to Many relationship with the following set up.

    ArtistID pk

    TrackID pk
    Track Title

    RecordingID pk
    ArtistID pk
    TrackID pk

    My reasoning behind this is that one artist can have many tracks and there can be one particular track sung by many artists ie the same song title but each artist will have their own unique recording.

    Also I am not sure what is the best method of adding the data to the table sin the forms. I know how to create a main for for artists and say a linking subform for the tracks and can add data this way but isn't this more suitable for viewing the data rather than adding?

    Would be interested to know how most people go about this.
    Thanks in advance for your time
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    I have a similar situation.

    I created a form bound to the join table. It has two combo boxes, one for each of the two foreign keys. The source for the two combo boxes is their respective tables. When you open the form click on Filter By Form on the tool bar and select whichever one you want to select on. Then apply the filter.

    For my useage, I am matching report names to report criteria, so I normally select on the report name. I have never tried to filter on the criteria so I'm not sure how that would work.

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