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    Unanswered: Multiple Adaptive Servers?

    I am new to Sybase ASE and am trying to figure out if you can install multiple Adaptive Servers (for 12.5.1) on the same sytem. For example in Windows, under the Sybase folder there is an application called "Server Config". It presents a menu which allows you to Create/Configure/Remove/Upgrade an Adaptive/Backup/Monitor Server. I attempted to create a second Adaptive Server and I entered the required input and then it failed to start the server and finish the configuration. Is this suppose to work? Can someone point me to some documentation that says it is or isn't suppose to work and then documentation that explains how to set this up?

    I did find the documentation about setting up failover capablities but that is not what I am interested in. I want two separate Adaptive servers, if that is possible.

    Thanks in advance
    Shayne Grant

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    Yes you can have multiple servers on the same computer and it should work the way you tried it. Either you did something wrong or there is something wrong with the system, be sure to use different port numbers or pipe adresses whichever you use.
    The documentation should be your installation guide.

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    Check for memory. Do you have enough memory to run both the servers simultaneously?

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