Greetings everyone,

(currently using Access 2003)

I have two Microsoft Access databases A.mdb and B.mdb.

Database A.mdb is behind a firewall on a local area
network and connected to the internet using DSL.

(using an example url)
Database B.mdb is located at service provider

I would like to programmatically, using Visual Basic, copy
a database object from database A.mdb to database B.mdb.

I'm using the term Database Object to define a:
Table, Query, Form, Report, or Module.

Is there a way to do this?
If so what would be the code to perform that action?

Please consider that my goal is to mimic this functionality:

If both databases resided on the same machine and I
had both open to where I could see both Database
Windows open and I dragged a report object from database
A.mdb’s Database Window into database B.mdb’s Database
Window a plus sign would appear indicating that I was about
to copy that Report Object. As soon as I release the mouse
button the object would be copied to the other database.

That’s exactly what I am trying to do programmatically.

I originally tried using the DoCmd.Transferdatabase method, a command that I have used before with great success with copying objects but unfortunately it does not allow for the database name to have http:// in it. I get runtime errors. Other’s have mentioned that you can’t do what I want to do with transferdatabase … at least from what I can been told.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.