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    Unanswered: help me connect to the sever

    i simply cant get the mysql> prompt (win-xp-pro)
    always return "cannot connect to Mysql server on localhost 10061"
    though i already follow accordind to instruction on this page...

    *i formatted my computer juz to see whether if i can make it connect...
    cos my fren get the connection(he is doing what i'm doin too)

    pls help me...
    could some one guide me step by step

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    It sounds like your server is not started. The doc you referred looks like it walks you through starting mysql as a service on XP. Check your Services and make sure it is started. If the service thing doesn't seem to work, just go to the command line and start it manually by typing "mysqld --console". For more info look at section " Starting the Server for the First Time" in the help file that comes with mysql (should be in C:\mysql\Docs\manual_toc.html).


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