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    Arrow Unanswered: Microsoft SQL SERVER 2000 not working!!!

    I'm unable to gain connectivity on the two stand- alone PC's individually within itself, having WIN XP PROFESSIONAL, v. 2002, through Microsoft SQL SERVER 2000.

    Both the PC's are stand-alone and both have WIN XP PROFESSIONAL. I installed Microsoft SQL SERVER 2000 in which only the Client Components were installed successfully.

    I have the Administrator Rights on both the PC's.

    The Problem on both the PC's that I'm facing is as follows:-

    On starting SQL Server Enterprise Manager, the PC was not detected as a Server under the SQL Server Group, and thus I selected the option 'New SQL Server Registration', then I gave my full computer name (as appears in the properties of 'my computer'), selected Windows Authentication and then selected OK to start or connect.

    It did not connect and then I got the following error message:

    A connection could not be established to 'COMPUTER NAME'.

    Reason: SQL Server does not exist or access denied.


    Please verify SQL Server is running and check your SQL Server registration property (by right click on the COMPUTER NAME_node) and try again.



    On starting the SQL Query Analyzer, firstly the message connecting to 'COMPUTER NAME' was seen and then it also gave the following error message:

    Unable to connect to server 'COMPUTER NAME':

    Server: Msg 17, Level 16, State 1

    [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][Shared Memory] SQL Server does not exist or access denied.



    where the 'COMPUTER NAME' stands for the name of the particular system that can be seen in System Properties-> Computer Name-> Full computer name.

    I have installed the MDAC Components from the Windows Update website.

    I have checked the registration properties and have tried many times but everytime the same error messages were received on both the systems and all the efforts bore no fruits.

    Both the systems are:
    Intel P4
    WINXP PROF. v2002
    128MB DDR RAM
    40 GB HDD

    Please help soon as I am studying SQL Server!

    THANKS. ATISH. :up:
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