. I have 60 records in my database(mysql).
1-I am displaying 5 records on same page “sortname.php”
2-There are 4 links on this page. “First Preveous 1-60 Next Last”
First will display first 5 records,
Previous will display previous 5 and so on for Next and Last(last 5 records).
If user is on first page the link of Previous and First should be disable
$result=mysql_query("select name,email,message from guest order by name limit $start,$display");		//query to retrieve 3 fields start from   1 to 5
while($disp=mysql_fetch_array($result))		//display recods
 echo "your name is $disp[name]<br>";
 echo "your email is $disp[email]<br>";
 echo "your messaege is $disp[message]<br><br><br>";
links to display
static $start=1;			//variable for start first record
$d=mysql_query("select count(*) record from guest");		//retrieve total records from guest table
$total=$id[record]; 		//total records
$display=5;			// records to display
$page=$total/$display;		//total pages

echo"<a href=sortname.php?start=$start&display=$display>first</a>
 <a href=sortname.php?start=  &display=$display>previous</a>
 <b>1 to $total</b>
 <a href=sortname.php?start=  &display=$display>next</a>
 <a href=sortname.php?start=$id&display>last</a>";
I am unable to manage these links for First, Previous, Next Last
I hope you understand my question.