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    Unanswered: Reducing MSMERGE_GENHISTORY and progating to subscribers.

    I finally realized the undesirable 'side-effect's of having a non-expiring merge publication. First of all, I run merge replication between 5 subrcribers all in WIN 2k Server with SP4 and SQL2000 with SP3a. All subscribers are always 100% online.

    Undesirable in the sense that the msmerge_genhistory 'balloned-up' on unnecesarry history. I adjusted the expiration date of all publications and within minutes the files were reduced from 440k records to 16k. Not bad...

    The problem is that the changes did not propagate to the subscriber and I am wondering on the next step... Reintialize subrcription? Kill subscription an start again? What about user thar are on-line running the SQL based app?


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