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    Unanswered: SQL2K on W2K3 Cluster

    Hi All,

    I have installed a dual node active passive W2K3 Clusters with SQL 2K.
    The cluster has RAID10 for data and RAID1 for Quorum and Transaction Logs.
    How do I put the Transaction logs on the RAID1 disk as at install SQL2K only asks where you would like to put the SQL data ?

    Any tips appreciated.

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    SQL2K on W2K3 Cluster

    - when creating the database for the 1st time you can specify location of data and log files independantly.

    - you can also set the default location for files (data and log) at the instance level.

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    Ahh, so after the default SQL install the DBA creates the database and specifies where the files go.
    Excellent, you can tell I'm not a DBA. Installed loads of SQL clusters though

    Thanks for the info.


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