I have a data base that has been developed over the years on Access 95. It has about 2000 queries and 3000 macros. The only code it has is on the OnClick on labels and the code in each case opens Word docs that have queries linked to the docs and it inserts Access field data into Bookmarks, prints the Word docs, copies the doc and pastes it back to Access memo field and closes Word docs without saving. The code also runs several macros.

There are several of us using this data base on different computers and we recently updated the computers and they have XP Home.

The problem with the Access 95 on Win XP is that many things, even including opening the data base window, takes forever the first time it is done UNLESS Ctrl Alt Del is used to bring up the Task Manager. When that is done then a form might open in about 10 seconds as opposed to what seems forever. However, once a form or other task has been done once then it peforms at normal speed for any subsequent use. Even clicking on the Tables or Forms tab when the data base is first opened takes forever unless the Task Manager is brought up.

I have tried using the compatability function on Win XP and have selected both Win 95 and Win 98. This solves the speed problem but many of the macro actions etc do not run.

Sooooo, if I can't fix the Access/Win XP problem then I may have to get Access XP. I am worried about conversion problems and also any loss of functions. For example when Access 97 came out there were conversion problems for converting Access 97 and we also noticed that Access 97 was lacking some macro functions that were in Access 95. We were getting messages coming up that Access 97 did not have this fucntion, so we bailed out

Any help, ideas (both good and bad ) would be enormously appreciated.