I'm working on an update trigger for a table that I want to archive the changes for.

I'm importing a database to this database. It will add new records and recopy prior imported records the same way. So basically every field/column is updated even if the actual data doesn't change.

I need to be able to figure out which fields had data which actually did change, and there are a lot of fields (like 100).

I got it to work on a small scale, but I didn't take into account the fact I need to check all (100 or so) fields and I need to be able to check for multiple records in the inserted/deleted tables.

I was advised to use a cursor to compare the inserted/deleted tables with a cursor and dump into a temp table. Then check for the dirty field (no idea what that is) in the temp table to copy the actual updated records into the archive table.

I'm a novice (one database class) and this is my first SQL related issue on my new job.

Any help you could give to me would be greatly appreciated.