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    Question Unanswered: Continue page numbers whe printing from different layouts or databases

    I need to print with filemaker 6 a large record with several pages and using different layouts, and I don´t want the page number to start from one every time my printing script switch to a new layout. For example: Layout 1 prints pages 1 to 3, layout 2 print pages 4 and 5 and in some cases pages 6 to 9 are printed from another database.

    Any sugestions and tips?


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    Preview engine....

    I'm surprised that in a month that no one has made a suggestion for your problem. I run into this issue all the time and I now use a 'print' engine for all my FileMaker solutions that will solve your problems.

    There is a little known feature on Filemaker. When in Preview mode. if you issue the copy command it will take a 'vector-based' picture of the entire page.

    With this knowledge we can build a separate FileMaker file for printing. Every time I need to print I clear the 'print engine'. Go to preview mode copy the page and then paste in my Preview engine. I use a loop for multiple page reports.

    If I go to another layout or another file. I can continue add new pages to my 'report'. When I've loaded all my pages into the 'print engine' I navigate to this file were I get a 'preview' of my assembled report. The page numbering is done from the new file. It give the user the appearance that they are utilizing preview mode, but yet they are in browse mode, so all your buttons work.

    I have also found that this also solved a lot of other printing problems from printer to printer.

    If you are still having this problem, I can upload a copy of one of my 'preview' files. It only has a dozen or fewer fields and a handful of scripts.



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    Thumbs up

    Thank you Joe, I will appreciate the copy of your preview files , I solved my problem but I am realy interested in your solution.

    Regards and thank you for your help.


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