I haven't touched access in some time and am trying to get "back in the swing" to be more productive with my time.

The database i am trying to do now i am having issues with, maybe its cause i haven't thought it completly through yet but thats why i am here

It will be a "payroll" type application.

The application will store 3 tables:

1) Worker Information
*Each worker can get paid for doing one of 5 things. They get paid diffrently depending on location. worker#1 could get 100.00 and worker #2 200.00 for the same thing.. This is why i want to store my workers sepratly .

2) Location:
Locations will be defined by a NAME, and its "location"
* either LOCAL, SEMI LOCAL, or LONG DISTANCE. I wnat my databse to know right away if the location is LOCAL or not basicly.

3) Payroll information (seprate table here?) this will store:
1) Date (date worked)
2) Worker NAME
3) LOCATION (remember local , semi local, or long distance)

This is all fine and dandy but i am having a few issues, maybe my design is way off and i need either more tables, or i can store them all in one?

So when i want to build a query on PAYROLL information for specified dates, i think i need something COMMON in both my PAYROLL table, and my WORKER TABLE (since my payroll and my LOCATIOn table both have the "Location" field that they can link to eachother by..

Since the ID is basicly a number that means nothing to the table itself, except to define that they are DIFFRENT that isn't good

i guess i am not sure how to link the information together to get a QUERY.

My workers get xxx amount of money which is predefined depending on location (workers get diffrent amounts of money , worker1 could get 100.00 for local and worker#2 could get 150.00)

Any ideas will be greatly apprechated on how to get this information to work together.

and its 2am now and i am half asleep, not even sure if that made sense but i guess i'll see when i wake up if ther eare any responses

Thanks in advance