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    Unanswered: problem with deletion

    Hello Oracle DBAs,
    I have oracle 9i rel 2.0 on xp.
    I wanted to install the latest server edition..for that I was trying to remove the existing one. this..
    first I deinstalled all components using universal installer ..
    then cleared the registry..
    then try to delete the oracle folder. but unable to delete oci.dll..says.. "make sure the disk is not full or write protected and that the files are not curently in use"
    Please help me to resolve this..
    thanks in advance.

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    Install Oracle into different folder ... for example, if your old one was c:\ora9ids, new could be c:\ora9ids_1. Would do no harm. And, when you install is complete, computer rebooted, old folder (and oci.dll) will be set free. Then you'll be able to delete it.

    Or, reboot the computer using boot (floppy) disk (no matter what OS it contains; Win98 would be just fine). Using DOS commands delete oci.dll and reboot again using XP this time.

    P.S. Just in case ... DOS commands you need would be (when you boot from floppy, you'll be in a:\):
    cd c:\ora9ids\whatever
    del oci.dll
    cd .. -- now you're in c:\ora9ids
    rmdir whatever
    cd .. -- now you're in c:\
    rmdir ora9ids

    Now reboot. And take the floppy out of drive.

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