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    Unanswered: Next, Back, Add & Delete Record?

    Does anybody know the code to use to do those particular actions instead of using the toolbar when actually running the form please?
    Im tryin 2 create command buttons on the actual forms but dnt have a clue on what the code is and the help feature doesnt even help at all!

    Back Button
    Next Button
    Add Record Button
    Delete Record Button

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    >Does anybody know the code to use to do those particular actions instead of using the toolbar...
    WHY are you reinventing the wheel?
    Don't you have better things to do or is it because this is your current homework assignment?
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    Quote Originally Posted by anacedent
    >WHY are you reinventing the wheel?
    I've got a co-worker who just LOVES to do such things. Can't reasure her not to do it. Of course, it leads (her) to numerous problems; for example, having a database block, populating its fields and - instead of clicking SAVE button to commit changes - writing her code using INSERT statement and, then, wondering how could it be that the record has already been inserted .

    However, Junail, if you can't live without it, use restricted packaged procedures.

    Back Button - previous_record
    Next Button - next_record
    Add Record Button - create_record
    Delete Record Button - delete_record

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