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    Question Unanswered: online backup with onbar version 9.21

    Hello Informix gurus,

    Here is what I intend to do. Please check and tell me that if my way is correct or not.

    We have Informix 9.21, hp-ux 11.00

    I want to backup the database online with onbar utility, while users are inserting, deleting and reporting the database tables. Our database is in on-line mode. Currently LTAPEDEV=/dev/null

    My Steps:
    1) I will install Legato Networker Client and networker module for Informix
    2) I will not backup logical logs
    3) It means, I will take a whole-system backup (onbar -b -w)

    My question is that, while my database is online and in use by users, can I have a whole-system backup without really backing up the logical logs by setting the

    My concerns are: After all logs is filled, will my database hang? If yes, will I be able to cancel my backup and what will I have to do after I

    Thanks in advance

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    We uses IDS7.31 and Legato Networker.
    I thought this :
    onbar -b -w will uses only TAPEDEV, this backup your whole database including logical logs.
    onbar -l will uses LTAPEDEV.
    If you select ALARMPROGRAM=/usr/informix/etc/, what means no logical log backup than will your db hangs when all you logs are consumed and you will have to make a full backup or launch "onbar -l". Else you still hangs.
    If you select ALARMPROGRAM=/usr/informix/etc/, what means that the logical logs will be backup then onbar -l will be launched.
    With LTAPEDEV /dev/null the logical logs will be send to /dev/null only with "onbar -l".
    I made an IDS instance for such experiments.
    LTAPEDEV you can change while IDS is running.
    Yves & Willy

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