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    Smile Unanswered: Re-locating PK (system generated) Indexes

    I want to re-locate Primary Key (System generated) indexes into the tablespace of my choice.

    when i create a primary key on such column, By-default indexe is generated in the same tablespace where the table is located. but i want to create that indexe in a different tablespace due to performance hit.

    Please Reply me as soon as possible, becuase i am on the phase of implementation of my schema on actual Server.


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    System generated primary keys? So I guess you didn't use simple CREATE TABLE command, but did it through Designer or something like that?

    Primary keys are created, within CREATE TABLE as
    PHP Code:
    CREATE TABLE table_1
    field_1   NUMBER(2)   CONSTRAINT pk_tab1_f1 PRIMARY KEY
                            USING INDEX TABLESPACE idx_tblspc
    field_2 ...
    Doesn't Designer allow you to define default index tablespace?

    However, you could realocate your indexes using

    ALTER INDEX <index_name> REBUILD TABLESPACE <index_tablespace>;

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