Hi there,

i've got an problem by migrating existing btrieve-files.

They are present under btrieve 6.15 and WIN 98 (I was loooking for the kernel driver).

But thoose files i want to migrate are not BTR or MKD-files. They are only part in *.IDX and *.DAT-Files.

Can U tell me what for a tool i will need for rescuing the data in it??

Further by creating a new table in pervasive control-center on existing files I've got an error - create table wizzard for pervasive SQL - 1508 field is already defined. I would'nt change the structure of the table :-(.

Next problem is by selecting records from a table wich was succesfully created by the described doing. The error wich was shown is

ODBC Error: SQLSTATE = S1000, Native error code = 0
Unable to open table: Felddata_old.
The application encountered an I/O error(Btrieve Error 2)

What can I do?!??

Thx and regards,


PS: I will work with pervasive 8 and win2K.