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Thread: Fed Up ! ! ! !

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    Fed Up ! ! ! !


    i visit you on two different systems:

    w2k/ie5.5 --> works fine

    wXPpro/ie6.0 --> problems!

    the XP machine is OK if i go in thru the front door

    if i attempt to go in thru i get a sucession of
    Erreur: Objet attendu messages (line 500 and so on to line 2XXX).


    you now freeze searching for 90 seconds... this is simply not realistic. if my first search doesn't find what i'm looking for i want to do another search immediately, not 90 seconds later!

    currently using SS 2008R2

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    Thumbs down 90 seconds is sufficient to search elsewhere

    The 90 seconds timeout between searches is in effect really pushing me out of dbforums.
    I get to check out several options through google, and other places long before I am granted another search opportunity here.

    IF this makes you loose activity (and save bandwith/processing time, yes yes...), would it be possible for you to re-establish dbforums as an interesting place? How fast will you react - are you monitoring the statistics? How long does people stay, how active are they, WHO stays - compared with how things were back in the good days before the recent design/feature/policy (and staff??? - could it be that somebody new is making bad decisions?) changes?

    A specific example (not really representative for "search", but still blocked by the same rule). This example is only relevant as long as i keep my interest/inspiration for, of course, and is one part why this place has been so interesting up to the recent changes..:

    Often, I want to quickly check out profiles to new people I have not seen before that posted something on the first page, then I right-click on the name, opening a new tab (using the wonderful browser ) , clicking on the next interesting name in the list, opening yet another tab.


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