My requierment is:

Create a Parametized Query using the SQL View that contains the names of employees and also show the Average Salary for exempt and non-exempt (two different groups)

My initial code is:
SELECT AVG(Employees.Salary) AS [Average Employee Salary], Employees.EmployeeID
FROM Employees INNER JOIN Job ON [Employees].[JobCode]=[Job].[JobCode]
WHERE Exempt=True And [Employees].[EmployeeID]=[Enter EmployeeID]
GROUP BY [Employees].[EmployeeID], [Employees].[First Name], [Employees].[Last Name]
ORDER BY [Employees].[First Name]

Saying this, I have two problems. First one is that I'm unable to add another GROUP function to include "NonExempt" and I can't get the output on screen to show the Employees First Name?

Any words of advice would be great!

Thanks for your time!