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    Unanswered: "sasser" patch makes oracle not to start

    Hi, we have an Oracle 6 on Win2K professional, we recently applied the
    patch provided by Microsoft to protect against the "sasser" worm.
    The thing is that this patch makes Oracle unavailable, I've searched on
    the internet but found nothing about this.
    We cannot start the instance of the database, the listeners seems to be
    working, after we remove the patch from microsoft and re-boot the box,
    the oracle instance comes up with no problem.
    The machine is fully patch with SP4 and the last updates from windows update.
    Anyone have experienced this behaivor??
    any suggestions would be appreciated...
    thanks in advance,
    -eduardo s.m.

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    We had a simular problem when our systems folks went to active directory and we had to edit our sqlnet.ora to read




    Don't know if this is your problem but give it a shot.

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    MS Bulletin MS04-011 (KB835732) - the one that protects you from the Sasser worm - can cause the service hung in 'starting ...' syndrome. MS has issued two workarounds in this release:

    both of which worked for our affected Windows 2000, Oracle 8.1.6 system. We ended up going with the second method they suggested.

    More problems with that patch can be found here:

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