I have installed APACHE/MySQL in my PC. Everything is working fine, actually I have my webpage pulling information from MySQL Database. Myweb page is hosted by my APACHE server. So, everything is in my PC.

On the other hand, I have a router (lynksys), forwarding port 80 to the computer who has the server ( everything is fine,

Also, I have a dynamic IP, so I'm using a NO-IP account to fix it as static. (www.no-ip.com).

So I have 2 computers, one is the remote(, the one who is hosting), and the other is the client (, the one I use).

My problem is that when I try to connect using my NO-IP domain, it gives me the following error:

"Can't connect to MySQL server on 'babaram.sytes.net' (10061) in..."

if I try using my local IP (, it connects !!

Also, I have tried with my actual real IP, let's say:

and the problem persists.

I have granted full permission (xxxx@'%')

I heard somebody to mention that whe need to anabled remote access, but I dont understand what he tries to say, where is that ??

Also, in my.ini file,

I found this: #bind-address=

Do I have to change that ?

Please help.