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    Hello !!

    I have a kind of architecture in Oracle 8i like this:

    1)In the Sys I did: Grant select on V$SESSION to user1
    2)In user2 I Created a view of V$SESSION called view1 and a package called pck1 with procedure inside that uses view1 to kill sessions.
    3) Later I did: Gran execute on pck1 to user2
    4) I created a package called pck1 with a procedure in user2 inside that executes pck1.sp_killsession and it throws this error:

    ORA-01031: insufficient privileges
    ORA-06512: at "user1.pck1", line 14
    ORA-06512: at "user2.pck2", line 29
    ORA-06512: at line 3

    What is going On ?????????
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    Did you grant the select on v$session to user1 via a role? Packages run against permissions granted directly to the user that creates them and not via roles.

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